Photo by: Lauren Harris of

Photo by: Lauren Harris of

So what’s it like working with your spouse?

(ft. the help of visual cues from The Office) 

When Luke and I talk to friends and strangers about what we do for a living, we’ll often get a lots and lots of questions about working together. 

Being business partners has definitely challenged us in ways we never could’ve imagined, but we’re stronger because of it, and couldn’t imagine it any other way. 

PROS OF WORKING WITH YOUR BOO (hint…they’re also the cons 😉 )

1. They’re your fave person (that’s why you married them, duh).
This can be both a good and bad thing. You love ’em and like ’em so much, and you love getting to work with them, but, because you love them so much, sometimes you skirt around hurting their feelings or are hesitant telling them something they need to hear that’s really important to your guys’ business and success (guilty).

I (Mikayla) am more sensitive when it comes to criticism from the people that I’m close to, so when Luke tells me things I need to hear (sometimes more bluntly than I’d like), that can take a blow to my feelings, and I tend to react negatively or defensively. If it were someone else telling me these things, I’m more inclined to consider the criticism and think before reacting.

So, there has to be a separation between work and home, especially when it comes to feelings, which is a really hard thing to do, but better for both of you in the end. 

2. Lots of time spent together (there’s no such thing as too much time together, right…?)
Time together! Its awesome. Well…most of the time. As I’m sure you know, there are times when too much time together is just….too much. Luke and I find that this tends to lead us both to forget to appreciate one another, and we start snapping and bickering.

When you don’t have time to miss each other, you can forget that working together is supposed to be fun and something you’re grateful for, not resenting. I can find myself resenting Luke when he’s excited about continuing to work on a project, when the last thing I want to do is sit at the computer for the next few hours.

This is where balance comes in. When you’re not having quality time together, the balance is off, and so is everything else. Designate a cut-off time for working, and stick to it. Have a date night, or a nightly ritual like cooking together, or watching some TV (The Office, obvs.).
Most importantly, make time for yourself, too. Do the stuff you love, separately. Whatever you do to destress, do it! You’ll both be refreshed and ready to get back to conquer work and kick some butt, together.

3. You get to create together.
Quiet days with coffee, sitting around the computer together while we’re brainstorming is one of our favorite things. Throwing around ideas we’re passionate about is an awesome way to bond, and watching each other grow in the photography field, especially creatively, has been so stinking cool and fun.

However, there are DEFINITELY times when we butt heads when it comes to creative decisions and directions, or one of us will set up a pose or a shot that the other doesn’t jive with or can work creatively with…

But that’s okay. Differing artistic opinions can help us grow and can prompt other ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of without the other’s input or influence.


Being spouses, you have a deeper understanding of each other than any other business partner ever would, so use it to your advantage instead of letting it hinder you. 

Through working with one another, what we’ve learned in the professional field has contributed positively to our own communication, balance, and relationship overall. 

That being said, we don’t have all the answers, solutions, cat videos, Office references, etc., and are nowhere near a perfect couple or team, but, we think working together is awesome, and wouldn’t have it any other way.


Let us know your thoughts, if this helped, and throw all da questions our way! <3


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