Welcome! We're so excited to work with you! Make sure you're both reading this together! We want you two to be fully present in all those cherished moments. This means planning ahead for things like such as portrait time, natural lighting and your timeline. The process to an amazing, stress free, and memorable day are contingent on you, timing, and the lighting. That's where we come in. We're here to guide you, help you plan, and answer any and all questions you may have when it comes to this overwhelming process of planning a wedding. 


Real moments are important to us. We always like to remind our clients to relax, and enjoy the moment together, to reflect on how happy you are and how far you've come together, and to remember why you're there (its because of one another ;) ). Here are some tips we like to give in order to help us make the best, realest moments for you two.

- Let go of your expectations, including everything you think you know about having your photo taken. 
- Un-pose yourself. Relax. Take a deep breath. Soak in the moment. Melt together in the way that you two would as if    we aren't there. Just be yourselves. This is the best way to get those thoughtful, intimate images we all love and can feel.
- Plan on getting emotional. Be open to the questions we ask, and really reflect on why you're there, and how much you love your person. The more you connect with each other, the better your images will be. <3
- Timing is essential to our work. The best time to shoot is when the sun is rising or setting. On a wedding day, typically the best light is just before sunset. Though our work is documentary and free-spirited in style, it depends on light to make work we are proud of and excited to show you. A well thought-out timeline is planned ahead so we have plenty of time in the best light available.
- Be on time. We always come early to scout the location, and get in the best headspace to be our best creative selves to make your day awesome. Be respectful of our time and art by adhering to your timeline. Being late or changing the timeline directly affects the quality of our work, and messes with the flow of the day, so just keep that in mind! 
- And most importantly, stay calm. Enjoy this fleeting moment, and be present. This is such a special day, and its the beginning of your wonderful adventure...keep your perspective on the important things.


Our arrival time is typically about an hour before the bride puts her dress on and we work until all the main events have occurred during the reception (including a bit of the partying). Because there are two of us, we have the ability to be in two places while you’re getting ready (Mikayla with the bride and Luke with the groom). If you’re getting ready in separate places, let us know ahead of time so we can come up with a game plan. We help organize the flow of the day up until the ceremony when it comes to photography and organizing people and keeping things on schedule.
Our goal is to be ignored as photographers and seen as friends by everyone on the wedding day.
That’s the best way to capture your authentic story.

Timing is THE most important aspect of your wedding day, and especially essential when you’re planning a wedding. It directly affects the mood of your entire day and your images. Be sure to leave yourself enough time to enjoy the day! Its key to getting the most out of the photographs and time spent with your friends and family. Traditionally, the portrait portion of your day is between the ceremony and reception.
However, it doesn’t have to always be that way. A First Look is a special time for the bride and groom
to see each other and have a significant moment to themselves, together. The traditional way tends to add stress and rushing to the experience.

Once you’ve decided on the type of timeline you’d like (traditional vs. first look), fill out the timeline form we have provided you and send it our way! This form provides us with the information we need to make our schedule for the day. Once that is done, we’ll follow up with a detailed schedule and any questions that we have so that long before the big day, we are on the same wavelength for how the day will flow. It also helps if you share the itinerary with the important people surrounding you on your big day, and is a big stress reliever.


Instead of walking down the aisle and seeing each other for the first time, we make a special place to meet where the bride and groom can be alone to enjoy each other’s presence before the bulk of the day and the responsibilities that come with it. We keep our distance and let you have the moment together (kiss, share letters, cry, give gifts, etc.), then we can spend some time capturing portraits of you and your crew. After this, everyone can freshen up before any of the guests arrive.

- You still get the same feel of seeing each other all over again when you come down the aisle! Butterflies and excitement!
- After the ceremony, you won’t feel rushed to get the photos done because they’re already done!
- Usually, the whole bridal party misses out on cocktail/appetizer hour. With a First Look, you’re able to enjoy your guests and company (possibly eliminating the need for a receiving line). Guests also enjoy it because they don’t have to wait for the party to start!
- Flexibility to deal with weather issues.
-A First Look can give a “buffer” to any mishaps or hiccups throughout the day that can happen.

Overall, the First Look has a positive impact on your entire day. It adds a freeness to the images and that is documented in your photos. Authentic moments and feelings.


Most of what we shoot on your day is candid and documentary (that’s our style and we loooooove it).
Our goal for your day is to capture an authentic story, so we simply shoot the day as it unfolds. However, the portrait aspect is a little different and somewhat directed by us. Here’s what we have found to work best for the both of us:

Locations: We’ll select locations based on available light and aesthetic on the day of the wedding. We tend to always choose more private areas that look natural. We’d love your input, and would encourage you to keep it simple and little travel to avoid any snags.

Family Portraits: It’s most efficient for everyone involved to gather once and knock out all the combinations. In a first look timeline the family portraits are still done immediately following the ceremony, but can be done before; its up to you!

Bride + Groom Portraits: We would absolutely love to have you exclusively for at least 30 minutes or more. Either immediately after the first look or immediately after the formal family portraits following a ceremony/receiving line/exit.

Wedding Party Portraits: We’ve dealt with wedding parties of all sizes and our goal is to keep it simple and authentic, while keeping the energy and happiness high. We ask for at least 20 minutes with the bridal party (but never over 40 minutes for the group photos; keeping it simple is important to the timeline).

Below is a sample shot list for the family portraits:

Bride’s Side (all photos include the bride + groom front and center) Whole Group
Parents + Step Parents, Grandparents, Siblings
Parents, Grandparents, Siblings

Parents + Siblings Parents

Combinations-- Bride + Groom Families Both sets of Parents + Both sets of Siblings

Both sets of Parents Both sets of Siblings

Groom’s Side (all photos include the bride + groom front and center) Whole Group
Parents + Step Parents, Grandparents, Siblings
Parents, Grandparents, Siblings

Parents + Siblings Parents

If you wish to have other combinations, a list would be helpful.
We can make extra time for them with the rest or at the reception.


We love to explore and shoot beautiful images and most of all, hang out with you fun people. Engagement sessions are how we get to know you, and they’re a large part of what makes us love our job so much. They’re great because you can shake off the awkwardness and we get a chance to see how the two of you interact and how comfortable you are with us, and that's why we include them in every package we offer. Engagement sessions are about 1–2 hours long and we will have to for 1–2 locations and 2 outfit choices. The session includes an online gallery. 


We've met and worked with several great vendors over the past few years.
Any time we can suggest those killer vendors to our awesome clients, we are stoked!
Here's a few to check out if you're having a hard time choosing or need some inspiration! :)

Tap Root Catering | http://taprootcatering.com/
Bahler Street Pizza Food Truck | https://www.bahlerstreet.com/
Swenson's Food Truck | http://swensonsdriveins.com/

Borrow Rentals | http://borrowrentals.com/ 
Ampersand CLE | https://www.etsy.com/shop/AmpersandCLE
Addison Jones | http://addisonjonesphotography.com/columbus-ohio-wedding-rental/

ELBOWGREASE Design | http://www.elbowgreasedesign.com/
Oak + Honey Events | http://www.oakandhoneyevents.com/
Auburn + Ivory Creative | https://auburnandivorycreative.com/

Hummingbird Bake Shop | http://www.hummingbirdbakeshop.com/

Lush + Lovely Floristry | https://lushandlovelyfloristry.com/
Bear Roots Floral + Plant | http://bearrootsfloral.com/

Wildfoot Studio | www.wildfootstudio.com
The Circle Craft | http://thecirclecraft.bigcartel.com/

Sweet Water Caravan | http://www.sweetwatercaravan.com/

Cleveland Makeup Artistry | https://www.clevelandmakeupartistry.com/
Andi Wheatly Makeup Artistry | http://www.andiwheatleymakeupartistry.com/
b/rose beauty bar | http://www.brosebeauty.com/

Baci Designer | http://blog.bacidesigner.com/
Auburn + Ivory Creative | https://auburnandivorycreative.com/

Moon + Back Bridal Boutique | http://www.moonandbackbridal.com/

Storybox Cinema | www.storyboxcinema.com


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! We can't wait to spend time with you!




Stay Adventurous.

- Mikayla + Luke