Engagement season is upon us, which means engagement sessions are coming around the corner! Before you know it, you’ll be hanging with your person in front of the camera, with your photographer (or photographers…ahem, like us) snapping away, capturing all da cute. Stressing out on all the logistics like what to wear, where to go, and all the other million little things running through your head? Fear not! We’re here with a few of our favorite tips to give to engaged couples to ease the burden.

Read below for our top 5 engagement session tips!


1 / Where should we go?

Starting off our engagement session tips is location! We loooove shooting places that are meaningful to our couples. Have a pizza shop you frequent weekly, or a coffee shop you hang in often? Love the light at a local art installation or museum? Love the great outdoors? Let’s grab a slice and grab a booth (but with permission from any and all business first because #polite), or lace up the hiking boots. Are you a homebody with fur babies that are 1000% necessary to include in the photos?

Cuddle up on the couch with your boo for an in home session. Home, outdoors, and anywhere in between (even traveling across the country!), wherever you feel your best and are most excited about is where you should go.


2 / What to wear?

Struggling with outfit choices? A good piece of advice is to compliment the environment you’ll be shooting in. Hot pink and fluorescent yellows sure are eye catching, but they may clash with the lush greenery of the great outdoors. You don’t have to match your boo, but it does help if the outfits can be coordinated (casual + casual, dressy + dressy).

We, and all photographers, want you to feel your absolute best and be comfortable. That’s where the magic happens, and before you know it, you won’t even remember the camera is there. If that means wearing your favorite sweater and the perfect cozy beanie, or getting all dolled up and looking fly together. If you’re feeling confident and comfortable, that’ll shine through.


3 / Who should we hire?

Looking for a photographer can be an overwhelming process! There are so many styles and personalities. Choosing the best fit for you will be a huge asset to your experience and eventually those memories captured. Meet with who you feel a connection with, and base your decision off of that! Often times, booking your engagement and wedding photos with the same photographer makes you super comfortable around the person or team, and really shows in the experience and photos later on.


4 / What do I do with my hands?!

If you haven’t been in front of a lens before, chances are the thought of a photo shoot can feel a little stressful! It can feel awkward, unnatural and stiff at first. We love to treat engagement sessions as a hang out. It’s where everyone gets to know one another, and get comfortable, without time limits or schedules.

An encouraging piece of advice is to focus on your boo (they’re cool and you love them, yeah? Also they’re probs pretty cute to look at, too). If you’re affectionate, be affectionate! If you’re silly, laugh and joke around! Do a lil’ dance if ya like! If your vibe is more reserved and chill, take a moment and breathe together, embrace, or gaze into each other’s eyes. We want your photos to be authentically YOU, and that shines through when you stay true to yourselves.


5 / Do we have to like each other?

This last one of our engagement session tips is our number one MOST important piece of advice we give to all of our couples…LIKE EACH OTHER. Relationships are complex as it is, and adding wedding planning into the mix can throw a wrench into an otherwise sunny relationship. Napkin colors, stationery fonts, venue options… the list of decisions and potential arguments goes on and on. We want you to reset your perspective. The day before your session, take the afternoon or evening (heck, make a day of it!), and really connect with your person.

Plan a day doing your favorite things. Go to your favorite coffee shop, eat your favorite food, watch your favorite movie, or do something completely new and venture it together! It shifts your perspective away from all the planning and decision making, and connects you back to the person you love so dearly, and the most important reason you’re on this journey together (even if they want maroon napkins and you want blush).


Engagement sessions are meant to be a fun experience! You’re with your fave person, celebrating your love for one another. Make it a positive experience and you’ll have incredible photos to show for it, as well as a memorable time together.

Hope these engagement session tips helped ya out! If you have any questions whatsoever, comment below or reach out!

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