Top 5 Ohio Wedding Venues

What’s up mah dudes! We’re going to chat about some of our favorite Ohio wedding venues. We’ve shot at all of these venues and love so many little things about each and every one. You’ll find a variety of venue styles; from woodsy, to artsy, and wine-y.

When choosing a wedding venue, you want to feel comfortable and free, have great lighting, and feel all the vibes (you don’t want it to feel like a prison. “The worst thing about prison was the Dementors. They were flying all over the place and they were scary and they’d come down and they’d suck the soul out of your body and it hurt!” – Michael Scott. <— we don’t want that). Alrighty, let’s get started!


Here are some of our favorite Ohio Wedding Venues



The beautiful Sapphire Creek Winery is located in Chagrin Falls, OH. Are you looking for classy and sassy? Cause this is the freaking spot. It’s got an industrial, modern feel with a splash of earthiness and nature. From the giant windows, to the huge moon pendant light, to the stunning architecture and lush landscaping.

The catering here, is, in my humble opinion, top notch. For photographers, it’s a dream. You not only have amazing light and beautiful architecture to play with to create some magic, you have endless woods to shoot in, a fake moon, and tons of options for allllll the moment capturing for your couples. This venue is gorgeous, and the staff is wonderful. They offer getting ready, ceremony, and reception options. 10/10 would recommend. Also, their personal pizzas are bomb.

If you are interested in Sapphire Creek Winery, check out their website!

wood ceiling at an Ohio Wedding Venues
Wedding tables at Sapphire Creek Winery
head table at Sapphire Creek Winery
floral wall backdrop
ceremony location with chairs at Sapphire Creek Winery
Sapphire Creek Winery building
Ceremony location with red oriental rug and circular floral archway
first kiss between bride and groom at Sapphire Creek Winery
flowers and welcome sign sitting on a desk
flowers and table setting
Groom gets ready looking at his reflection
bride and groom kiss at a ohio wedding venue
Bride and groom holding each other in Sapphire Creek Winery
bride and groom walking away at Sapphire Creek Winery
bride and groom getting close



Located in upper northeast Ohio, near Dorset, is this quaint lil’ property called Blue Heron Lake. Complete with an a-frame cabin, a gorgeous forest ceremony site, and dock house ready for you to partayyy. Its the perfect backdrop for an intimate celebration with an outdoorsy feel. This is for the hardcore adventure couples who aren’t afraid to get their heels/bare feet dirty. You wanna go for a swim in a lake on your wedding day in your wedding clothes? No? Me neither, but ya can, we ain’t gonna stop ya.

You can bring in any caterer you like and have them setup right outside their dock house. You can have your ceremony down an aisle of pine trees, perfectly framed. You can take a stroll around the lake as newlyweds. One of our couples had a caterer come in and fry up some of the best fried chicken we’ve ever had; the possibilities are endless out there. This is a perfect place for a food truck (our favorite wedding food).

If you want to escape the standard wedding venue and unplug from literally everyone, (it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere, that’s not a bad thing, its a super duper cute and breathtaking venue, this is the wedding venue for you.

If you are interested in Blue Heron Lake, check out their website!



Okay, so, 78th Street Studios is one of our favorite Ohio wedding venues to date. We here at Agape love to soak up all da art. Whether it be paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations—we wanna look at it all. This is the venue for any person who loves art galleries and that industrial look and feel. Exposed brick and rafters, concrete, and metal, this place has everything you’re looking for in an industrial wedding. Who doesn’t want to get married and feel inspired by the paint strokes and sculptures surrounding them, handmade by talented artists?

The Hedge Gallery is the perfect place for a ceremony. Framed by a wall of industrial windows that pour light in on you and your boo as you say the vows and do the marriage thing. When it gets dark, you and your photographer (hopefully us) will have so many opportunities to get weird with all the art pieces, and be dazzled by the glowing string lights as you dance dance dance and get down with yo artistic self.

As for catering, you’re able to bring in anyone you’d like. This is in a great spot in Cleveland so you can drive 10-15 minutes to Downtown Cleveland, Rockefeller Botanical Gardens, the Cultural Gardens, Edgewater, the list goes on and on, for photos. The wonderful ladies that work with and run the Hedge Gallery are for hire to design, set up, rent from, etc. (plus they’re fantastic and super duper sweet). 20/10 would recommend this space.

If you are interested in one of the best Ohio wedding venues, 78th Street Studios, check out their website!

Ohio Wedding Venues



Alrighty, the Hines Hill Conservancy is a great mixture of historic and outdoorsy. Hines Hill is set in the heart of the freaking beautiful Cuyahoga Valley National Park near Peninsula, OH., yet has incredibly easy access to the highway. The property is historical and has buildings around the site that offer tons of the old world charm, that double as getting ready spaces.

You can use the property for the ceremony, pitch a tent for the foods and the dining, and then use the barn area for receptioning and dancing! Hines Hill has got the whole shabang for outdoorsy wedding vibes. Surrounding the venue is the wonderful nature of the park, as well as short drives to the iconic overlook of the valley at the Virginia Kendall Ledges, Brandywine Falls, Blue Hen Falls, and tons more.

If you are interested in Hines Hill Conservancy, check out their website!



What could be better than hanging at home (or someone else’s)? If you’re a homebody like us, look no further than out your window (well…April through October if you’re in Ohio cause #snow)! The potential is abundant. Pitch a beautiful tent, throw in some chairs, string lights, a delish dinner, and your officiant (can’t forget that one!), and wah-la! You’re married! Ease and homebodiness aside, backyard weddings are a beautiful, customizable thing; they come in all shapes and sizes. You can keep it intimate or invite all your buds; the possibilities are endless.

Imagine sharing your first dinner as a couple candlelit under a circus top tent, florals from your wonderful florist, surrounded by loved ones, or sitting around a campfire, chowing down on a burger with your closest friends. Want some fancy llamas? Rent ‘em! Want wood fired pizza? Sling that dough! Wanna eat s’mores for dinner? Dig in! Backyard weddings are such a good way to really customize and mold your day into the outside wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

I know this won’t be in any search for Ohio wedding venues, but keep this in mind if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

House with trees and landscaping
backyard ceremony location
Backyard wedding tent with guests inside
First kiss in backyard with family
table setting in backyard wedding
first kiss between husband and wife
Bride and dad hugging while family claps and cries
orchestra playing for a backyard wedding
Family laughing and talking in a circle
buffet line in backyard wedding
Alcohol and glasses
husband kisses forehead of wife
family surrounding bride and groom and laughing
Table setting in backyard wedding
Bride and groom posing on stairs


Have more to add to the list? Want to get married at one of your favorite Ohio wedding venues? Shoot us a message and talk to our cats!

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