Hey there! Luke here from Agape Photography. One thing you will notice when you look at Mikayla and I’s work is that we have a dark and moody style. Little did you know, it goes way deeper than that. Photography isn’t just about the photographs. Photography is an expression and extension of the artist. 

An artist is someone who invests time and energy into their subject matter (couples, families, seniors, you name it, etc.) An artist slaves over and over and over again until their work is perfect. An artist lives, breaths, dreams about their work. An artist takes criticism with a full and open heart and is open to change and progression.

Mikayla and I are artists. Starting off, we are both graphic designers. We had to take all these fine art classes from 3D modeling, printmaking, as well as nude drawing (ask Mikayla about her experience 😉 ). We learned how composition worked, we learned so much about the art field and what it takes to be an artist. We learned to sit through hours of critiques and learned to give critiques. We had to study art history and took in the influences of everything from Monet and Van Gogh to the Stone Age of cave drawings and carvings. 
We have learned what it takes to be an artist and trust us, it isn’t easy and can’t be learned completely in 4 years along (still learning here). The amount of stress and anxiety we have been through to get to the point we are today is mind boggling. With that said, our art school and design education has really helped us in our walk as photographers and we are going to give you guys a couple of tips when choosing a photographer. 

So here are my top 3 tips on finding the right wedding photographer.

1. Choose a style that reflects your personalities

This is one of the most important steps in finding a wedding photographer. Choosing a style that reflects who you are. You aren’t just getting the photos, you are getting an experience. Someone who shoots somewhat dark and moody like us, your experience isn’t gonna be all rainbows and butterflies. We love intimacy more than anything. We love those moments of quiet, the moments where you just feel safe, secure and just….together.
We love getting to know the real you. The real stuff; not surface-y small talk. Everything underneath; what makes you two, well, you. We want you to forget you are even with us, and to be so immersed in each other that the moment is all that matters. That’s our style. 

But that may not be you! You may be an extremely romantic lovey dovey people, then I would suggest a more light and airy style. Below you are gonna see a huge difference in styles and moods created from all of these different, but all equally wonderful, artists. It seriously blows my mind looking at these different works of art. The subject stayed the same, but we look and feel completely different in every single session.

2. Choose a photographer that compliments your personality

This is one is just as important as the first step. Think about it this way: You are going to be spending a crap ton of time with your photographer(s). From consultations, engagement shoots, various meetings, to the wedding day itself, you are going to really get to know this person. Why would you want to spend all that time with someone you really don’t click with?! This is why Mikayla and I’s business model is being real. Mikayla and I are obsessed with our cats and The Office, if you have an animal, Mikayla wants to see a thousand pictures (and probs hold it and hang out with it). If you listen to any metalcore at all. I will talk your ear off. We are guaranteed to talk about literally everything but photography within the first 30 minutes of meeting you. For us, it isn’t just about the photographs, it’s about you. It’s about learning about you, learning how you interact with each other, what your favorite TV show is, who inspires you? All the things. We want to be friends so freaking bad. We want to mini golf with you, we want to go out to dinner, we want to get to know you because we are all human beings. If you do not click with us, how are you going to let us in? How are you going to fully open up to complete strangers? We don’t want to photograph complete strangers. There’s no intimacy, and there is no connection. That is why finding a photographer that compliments your personality is huge.

3. Choose a photographer that knows what they are doing

As an artist, we are always learning. We will go to mentor sessions, we will go to workshops, we will go outside in the freezing cold just to practice and learn something new. We have been in the wedding business for over 3 years now and have learned the ins and outs of the wedding day. We know what to expect, we can predict what’s going to happen and know how to react in certain situations. We help you plan your timeline. Trust us when we are planning your timeline, if we suggest something, it isn’t because it benefits us, it benefits you. Our goal is to make you have the most stress-free day and we know how to help you achieve that. We’ve seen so many things go wrong on a wedding day and we’ve prepared for them. We learned how to utilize light in the worst possible situations, we’ve had a 14 groomsman bridal party, we’ve had a freaking golf cart flip over on 2 drunk groomsman.
We like to think that we’ve seen it all, but trust us…someone else is gonna surprise us one of these days all over again.

It’s very important when choosing an artist to see consistency in their work, if you are doubting the abilities of your photographer, ask for a full wedding gallery or a blog. That says it all. How they tell the story, what they capture, how they interacted with the light and with their couple. Just do your research, meet with your photographer, and get a feel for them so you can be confident that your photographer knows what they are doin’ and is the right fit for ya! 

So now enjoy a vast array of different styles from different artists of Mikayla and I. I can’t believe the talent from all these artists. Give them a follow and be sure to like their work! 

Seth and Kaiti

Eastlyn and Josh Tolle

Mallory + Justin

Lauren Harris (part 1, February 2017)

Lauren Harris (part 2, August 2017)

Randi Kreckman

Julia Yoder

Genevieve Alexander

Frank Graziano

Christina Joy Hartzell

Meg Diaz

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