Phipps Conservatory Wedding / Trenton + Audrey



Audrey and Trenton’s Phipps Conservatory wedding in Pittsburgh was surrounded by many plant friends, human friends, moody vibes, and of course, vegan foodz.

Out of the hotel window, as Audrey and her closest people got ready, the outline of Phipps Conservatory could be seen looming in the near distance. Audrey bent over the hotel desk with pen and paper (the back of a map of Phipps, ironically), contemplating what to write to Trenton, as he did the same just a few rooms over. They slipped on their formal attire, got all dolled up, and headed (separately cause #firstlookvibes) down the elevator, anticipations high.

Late October proved to be rainy and overcast, but Schenley Park, with its trees at peak fall color, was the perfect moody backdrop for Audrey and Trenton’s first look. We hiked down the cobblestone path with our clear umbrellas in tow, watched their teary-eyed hellos, and took shelter under a gorgeous underpass to make some photo magic and capture their silly selves.

Being huge animal lovers, Trenton and Audrey’s biggest request for the day was for everyone to enjoy their completely vegan menu supplied by the Phipps Conservatory catering staff. Everything that Audrey and Trenton do is led by their passions; whether that be their love for animals, love for each other, or love for heavy metal music. Our first dining experience with them involved an entirely vegan restaurant that paid homage to Iron Maiden, called Onion Maiden (located in Pittsburgh). We had the Kale Satan hot dawg and the Darth Taters that did NOT disappoint with its vegan cashew cheesy goodness. Anyways, back to the lovebirds.

Phipps Conservatory weddings feels as though you’re stepping into Mother Nature’s Willy Wonka factory (as Audrey loves to put it, and she is 10000% right), especially during the Fall Flower Show. Big plants, small plants, silly plants, smelly plants, dangerous plants; room after room of gorgeous flora with pops of all sorts of textures and colors. Raindrops streaked down the glass panes of Phipps Conservatory’s structure as Trenton and Audrey shared their vows in front of their closest loved ones.

They filled a box that Trenton made by hand, embellished with their gold initial S, added two glasses, a bottle of wine, and the letters they had written to each other that very morning, with plans to pop open that bottle of wine and read the letters they had written pre-nuptials with each other on their first anniversary (#couplegoals).

Japanese lanterns flickered with warmth, reflecting off of the small pond near the Broderie Room, and flags celebrating Children’s Day in the Sunken Room waved in a slight breeze over rows and rows of mums and vibrant fall flowers with warm tones of red, yellow, and oranges, as guests made their way to the Palm Court to laugh along with all of their loved ones’ speeches and to watch first dances. Their close loved ones made everyone crack up and bend over in fits of laughter as they lovingly teased Audrey and Trenton.

They danced with their family and each other, and celebrated their marriage. We took one last walk into the shadows of the majestic palms to snap some final photographs of their day as Audrey dragged the hem of her dirty dress (#worthit) along the brick court floor. Audrey and Trenton, thank you so much for giving us the honor of capturing your perfectly “you” Phipps Conservatory wedding day. We love how unabashedly yourselves you both are, and are so happy to have gotten to know you. Can’t wait to hang out some more, grab more tacos, and talk about our cats together soon. We love you both!


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Downtown Pittsburgh
Downtown Pittsburgh buildings
overhead shot of invitation suite on bed
invitation suite on bed
wedding rings and earrings on ledge
Top of wedding dress
Wedding dress laid out on bed
Detailed shot of wedding dress on bed
Flowers in a jar
Phipps Conservatory Wedding venue
detailed photograph of wedding flowers
hair stylist working on brides hair
Bride covers face while hair stylist sprays hair spray
Hair Stylist sprays on hairspray
Woman sits on hotel bed
Bride and mother look at wedding dress
Mother of the bride and bride reveal wedding dress
Women shows off jewelry
Two people hug
Bride laughs while sitting on red chair before wedding
mother and daughter hug while getting ready
detailed shot of grooms wedding apparel
Overhead shot of grooms wedding apparel
Shoes, tie, belt and watch on bed
Grooms wedding jacket hanging on bed frame
White shirt and jacket on bed
Man writes at a desk
groom writes vows before wedding
Groomsman get ready for wedding
Groom buttons up shirt
Downtown Pittsburgh street and buildings
Groom looks in the mirror while getting ready
Groomsman smiles and laughs while getting ready
Groomsman helps groom put on jacket
Man adjusts tie
man puts on brown wedding shoes
man ties shoes with cat socks on
woman pins boutonniere on groom
focused shot of watch on a man
groom poses in red chair by window
Woman writes her vows
Bride reading note written by the groom
Bride reading hand written note from future husband
Bride prepares to put on wedding dress
Bride steps into wedding dress to put on
Mother helps bride put on wedding dress
Mother and daughter smile and laugh while putting on wedding dress
Bride smiles while mother helps put on wedding dress
Mother helps daughter put on wedding dress
Woman helping bride put on jewelry
Bride poses after getting ready
Bride holds onto dress
Bride waits on bed after getting ready for wedding
Father closes his eyes for first look
father sees his daughter for the first time during father daughter first look
bride shows off dress to father
Bride hugs father after father daughter first look
Bride laughs during bridesmaid first look
Bridesmaids enter to see bride for the first time
Brides maids look in awe at bride for the first time
Bride dances while showing off dress
Bride walks towards groom for the first look
Grooms stands and waits while Bride prepares for first look
Man stands alone while waiting for first look
Wedding couple prepares for the first look
Husband turns around to see bride during first look
Husband looks in awe at his new wife during first look
first look between bride and groom
couple kisses under umbrella
First look between husband and wife
silhouettes of a man and woman
Bride and groom hold hands and walk under covered bridge
couple stands in the dark under a covered bridge
couple stands together in the dark under bridge
newly weds pose for photo under bridge
husband and wife embrace for formals
bride poses with bouquet
husband kisses the neck of his wife
man laughs with woman
bride and groom look at bouquet
bride and groom walk away on brick pathway
walkway towards covered bridge
PHIPPS CONSERVATORY WEDDING bride and groom stand at the top of steps
man and woman look up into the sky next to stairs
Man escorts woman down staircase
Newly weds walk down grand staircase
man holds umbrella for woman
couple kisses under umbrella during the rain
Husband and wife kiss under umbrella
big white flower on top of bouquet
bouquet sitting on steps
groom holds his bride's dress up from the dirty ground
groom looks longingly at his bride
bride and groom close eyes
bride looks to the right with a dark background
bride smiles and looks over her shoulder while holding flowers
Bride poses while holding bouquet
groom smiles and looks into the camera
groom stands alone under dark bridge
groom smiling and looking into the light
bridal party walking under covered bridge
bridesmaids pose during formals
groomsman pose for bridal party photos
Leaves blowing in the wind
Phipps conservatory green house
Phipps Conservatory through a window pane
greenhouse with a yellow glass star
Phipps Conservatory desert room
spotlight in a greenhouse
woman and man smile at each other
dark and moody photograph of husband and wife
spotlight on newly wed couple
cactus in desert room
Bride places forehead on groom next to a cactus
Bride and Groom pose next to a big cactus
Bride and Groom in the desert room during a Phipps conservatory wedding
soft focus
Husband and Wife hold each other close in the desert
Foliage in Phipps Conservatory
Ceiling at Phipps
Plants cast shadows on the ground
Bridal Party stands in different spots in ceremony space
Phipps Conservatory Wedding venue ceremony space
greenhouse with flowers and plants
open box with blue velvet
wine bottle and two wine glasses
Bottle of wine with two wine glasses
Guests prepare for wedding to start
Women plays violin
groom smiling and walking
father prepares to give daughter away
father escorting bride during wedding
father of the bride hugs future son in law
father of the bride gives daughter away
bride looks away from groom while laughing during ceremony
groom smiles at wedding guest
bridesmaids laugh during wedding ceremony
three women smile and laugh during ceremony
Husband laughs at bride during the ceremony
husband and wife hold hands during a phipps conservatory wedding ceremony
hand placing memories into a box during wedding
husband and wife place letters in memory box
Groom closes wedding memory box
man locks wedding box
First kiss between husband and wife
Newly weds kiss for the first time
three women clap during wedding
Wedding guests smiling and congratulating newly weds
group of wedding guests celebrating
Husband and Wife celebrate after first kiss
Family applause during a Phipps Conservatory Wedding
Family clap hands with joy
3 women smile and laugh
moody lighting during a Phipps Conservatory Wedding
A Japanese decoration during a Phipps Conservatory Wedding
Mr & Mrs sign with candles on table
Wedding cake with flowers and candles
Wedding cake at a Phipps Conservatory Wedding
photo book on table
Groom smiles while posing next to cake
Newly weds cut cake with a knife
Cake cutting at a Phipps Conservatory wedding
Groom smiles at bride as she feeds him cake
Bride and groom feed each other cake during cake cutting
Bride and Groom celebrate after cake cutting
Phipps Conservatory wedding venue with moody lighting
ripples of water
Phipps Conservatory Art decorations
Bride and groom dance during a phipps conservatory wedding
Husband laughs while dancing with bride
Family watches in the background while newly weds dance
Bride smiles and laughs during first dance
Newly weds dance and the husband dips bride
Husband and wife embrace during first dance
Father leads bride to the dance floor
father and daughter hold each other and dance
Groom smiles at bride and father during first dance
Bride smiles at father while dancing
Bride and father hug after first dance
mother leads groom to dance floor for first dances
mother cries while holding his son dancing
mother and groom embrace during first dances
Mother and son dance during wedding
man holds mic while smiling
Bride and groom smiling at speeches
Bride and Groom both cheers using wine glasses
Family and friends gather to hear speeches from a man
bride and groom hold glasses of champagne
woman gives speech to the newly wed couple
bride and groom toast each other while laughing
Bride uses rock on hands while crowd cheers
toasting during wedding speech
two ladies laugh while sitting on brick ledge
grandma laughing
Fish water fountain with hanging fish
Bride and groom look up into the dimly lit light
Couple holds each other while looking up
dirty dress and wet floor

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