Ya know what’s awesome? Hiking a freaking mountain and surfing the sand dudes, bro. We were hanging 10 while eating sand and burning our eyes. Colorado is amazing in many ways. One is the lack of this evil thing called humidity. It has amazing landscapes, nice approachable people and amazing views.

We shot Phil and Alex’s wedding back in May of last year and you can find their blog HERE.¬†Alex reached out to us to shoot their anniversary session on the top of the mountain they got engaged on. (how cute is that?) So obviously we said heck yes! So we hopped on the plane and set off for adventure.

The dunes were everything we thought they would be. Super high drifts of sand blowing in the wind while huge massive mountains towered in the background. Little did you know if you haven’t been to any sand dunes…they are the most ridiculous things to climb in the world. Two steps forward equals one step back. It takes so much strength and stamina to hike these dunes and Phil and Alex rocked it. Rocked it way harder than us because we are awfully out of shape haha.

Chief Mountain was filled with lush greenery, and the rolling hills hugged and clung to the side like a perfectly spelled out metaphor. The weather was more than perfect while little storms were forming in the distance. Phil and Alex clung to each other like they were the only ones on the mountain.

That weekend was full of adventure, laughs and amazing stories.

Colorado, we are definitely coming back for you.

Enjoy, Phil and Alex. LOVE YOU.


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