Oh hey there, it’s Luke again with another freaking novel.

Mikayla and I love to get a variety of shots when we get to work with couples. One thing you’ll notice when you look at Mikayla and I’s art, is that we generally lean into the range of medium to up close shots of the couples.
We’ve had to learn not to rely on the environment to make the photography “feel”. When we went to California to photograph couples, we literally could not take a bad shot. We were in freakin’ heaven, guys.

Here in the midwest, we have a problem. We have trees, we have random lakes and not much to look at, with lots and lots of shades of brown (except for that one spot you go to for almost every shoot; almost all the photographers who are from our area know the struggle.)
With that in mind, it has taught us to really focus on the up close and personal. When we can’t lean on the environment, we have to lean on the couple. Their love, their emotion, their movement, the way they connect…. I mean come on guys, we could photograph a turd on a mountain and make it look like the most epic turd there is, but put that turd in the midwest and you got a smelly problem on your hand. #sorrynotsorry

This is why Mikayla and I try and try to create and maintain intimacy between our couples and us. Every meeting before we book our couples, I end the meeting with this phrase: “I really want you to talk about this and if you don’t like us, don’t book us. If you don’t think our personalities jive…why the crap would you want to have us photograph your wedding if you don’t like us?” Guys. We aren’t in it for the money. Mikayla and I have full time jobs along with this awesome business. Its not about the money from us; its not what motivates us to do what we do. We don’t see dollar signs as success. We want to walk away from a wedding, engagement session, anniversary session, whatever we’re shooting, etc. Feeling all that love and connection between our couples and their loved ones. We don’t want to walk away feeling like failures, or that we didn’t capture you authentically, or like we didn’t connect with you.

Creating art with photography is a two way street. If you aren’t feeling the love, we aren’t photographing the love. Simple as that. That’s why Mikayla and I take steps to make sure you are feeling the love. I feel like one of the most important things is making sure that you’re comfortable. People get this stigma that photography is painful and awful because all they know is picture day in middle school. We get to know you guys inside and out and on the flip side, we open up to you and share our personal lives. The ultimate goal is to become your friends. That way when the time comes for shooting, you know us and are ready to just be yourselves. Imagine just meeting your photographer and you have to “act” for the camera, because you’re uncomfortable and not willing to show who you truly are. (sadly that the case for many couples.) We make it so freaking fun. It’s literally you and you S/O hanging out, cuddlin’, and walking around. What’s not to love?

Alright now to the point.

Why do I shoot close? Sure, you can shoot huge landscapes with a tiny couple. Sure, it looks freaking sweet. But think of the moments you’re missing when you’re so far away. The little subtle giggles when he whispers something in her ear, the moments of silence that are honestly not silent at all. That silence speaks volumes. There is this energy that flows between these couples that you cannot see unless you are on my side of the camera. When a couple truly opens up to you and they let you in, nothing can compare to those moments that happen before your eyes. That is why we shoot close, to capture these moments that you won’t let anybody else see. We truly shoot, you.

Now enjoy some moments where we got up close and personal.


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