Hey there! Luke here once again with another blog post!

Today’s topic is hair.

First off, windblown hair reminds me of a style in painting called expressive or painterly. This is when you can see the brush strokes when you look at the painting, it feels rough, raw, and full of emotion. You feel connected to the artist in a way that a normal painting can’t. Painterly is my favorite type of style because if you take a step back, it’s a beautiful intricate piece, but if you take a step in, you can’t even recognize the painting for what it is; it’s an abstract piece full of large and small brush strokes and blots of color. Just like the painterly style, hair can come alive with the littlest gust of wind. Just like the painting, if you take a step back it’s a unified piece, frozen in time, it’s beautiful the way it is. Now take a step in and see all the brush strokes, add a little wind and you see all the intricate pieces that make up the hair and it comes alive.

Eastlyn and Mikayla have long beautiful hair. Now take a step in and enjoy this windblown masterpiece.


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