We're Mikayla + Luke.

We love road trips, adventure, and quiet mornings with plenty of coffee (with our cats). During our down time, 93.2% of the time you can find us snuggled up, watching The Office or Parks + Rec, chillin' with our cats. A big portion of our life consists of quoting The Office and/or Parks + Rec, relating real life situations to The Office and/or Parks + Rec, or watching The Office and/or Parks + Rec. Its always on somewhere in the background (Sorry, we may seem obsessed. We'll stop talking about it now. It's a problem. We know ... we ain't mad about it tho). 

We value the real stuff. The love. The joy. The intentional connection. The unconventional. The story. The agape. Striving to capture those authentic, real moments. As husband and wife, we understand how important these moments are to you and your legacy. Our desire is to photograph moments as they are. Moments when you forget we're there, and its just you and your person. Your love should be remembered and captured authentically and purposefully, and we believe the focus should always be on you two & these moments that last a lifetime.
So if you're up for long hikes, messy, windblown hair, and plenty of terrible jokes, we'd love to join you and capture your story.
We're not the all business-y type of photogs. We wanna grab a coffee or a bite to eat, talk about your fur babies (maybe The Office or Leslie Knope or Lil' Sebastian #sorrynotsorry), have some laughs, and genuinely get to know you. We feel like that's the only way to best tell your story, for realsies. Let's be friends, m'kay? 

Mikayla has constant wild, messy hair, and is a cat-loving introvert. She's had a penchant for capturing beautiful things for as long as she can remember. She loves a good color palette, alllllll the avocados, blurry pictures, and is a wanna-be plant lady (RIP plants).

Luke is a tall, bearded, honest soul who puts 110% of his heart into everything he's passionate about. He can be found constantly brainstorming new ideas, and getting a laugh out of everyone he meets. He enjoys any and all pizza, rocking out to metal, and loves him some good design.

We want to be a part of your unforgettable, wild adventure.
Though based out of Ohio, we’d gladly travel anywhere you'd take us. 


You may be asking “What’s AGAPE?” (uh-gop-ay). 
Agape, and its verb form agapao, is one of the several Greek words for love. Agape love is a little different. It is not a feeling; it’s a motivation for action that we are free to choose or reject. Agape is a sacrificial love that voluntarily suffers inconvenience, discomfort, and even death for the benefit of another without expecting anything in return. Agape love is the love you feel for your significant other and we're dedicated to letting that shine.

 Banner Photo Credit:  Eastlyn + Joshua  | Above Photo Credit:  Addison Jones Photography

Banner Photo Credit: Eastlyn + Joshua | Above Photo Credit: Addison Jones Photography

 Photo Credit:  Gabe McMullen

Photo Credit: Gabe McMullen

  Photo Credit:    Randi Kreckman

Photo Credit: Randi Kreckman