loving unconditionally & expecting nothing in return

About Us 1

what’s cookin’, good lookins?

the goosebumps, the raw, the real, the laughs.

About Us 1

what’s cookin’, good lookins?

the goosebumps, the raw, the real, the laughs.

we are mikayla & luke.

We’re just your friendly neighborhood quirky photography duo that live for the unexpected, the untraditional, and never taking ourselves too seriously. We like to think we bring our own twist—including capturing people, places and things—in everything we do. We love pizza, motorcycles, and obviously, snapping the occasional photo (oh, and cats).

During our down time, you can find us gardening, watching The Office or Parks + Rec, chillin’ with our fur

children (Knox, Nash, Sully, and Kodi…and yes, there are 4, and YES everything is chaos), or maybe even doing some house reno. We always joke that our brains can‘t pick just ONE thing to be passionate about or interested in, so we’re always reading up on and researching the countless new, exciting things that speak to us.

Whether that be cooking up some new dishes, scheming to escape to a chateau in the French countryside, or discovering new flowers or vegetables to grow, you could say we stay busy (and sound a tad crazy, but that’s cool by us).

We capture all kinds of love in this world—bromances, long-distance, and even ranch. And while we hope you utter those three little words a lot, agape love is different. It’s all the words that go unsaid, the actionable I-will-commit-to-you-5ever type of love. It’s the love where I becomes us, and it’s the kind of love we immortalize with those doodads hanging around our necks.

If you’re looking for just a vendor, you’ve come to the wrong place. Agape is all about hanging out, having fun, and eating fine cheese because we ARE that classy. With us, you’ll get the four cat experience, as well as all the Office jokes and heavy metal craziness you can stand (and more).

Oh, and lotsa hair. We’ll help you and yo boo feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera, because we’re just like you; weird and kinda awkward.



Motorcycles. Beards. Gamer. Gardener. Tall. Slytherin.

I’ve been called many things, beardy, Sasquatch, tree, string bean, Jesus, ZZ Top, Luker duper pooper scooper, the list goes on. The one thing you’ll get real quick about me, I am usually the butt of the joke. I talk a big game and usually lose it. Do I care? Not a single bit … okay, I do care, I’m very competitive and I will beat all of you. I am sarcastic, love to joke around, make fun of people, and usually am the one being made fun of. I am a huge fan of self deprecation because if we can’t make fun of ourselves, then why are we even here? Creed Bratton from the office is my spirit animal. I have been a gamer my whole life since the Halo 2 days and will be the old grandpa playing video games in the future. I will geek out at the sight of any VR Headset and will talk your ear off about any really good games I play. I recently found out that I am a gardener and love to grow tomatoes. I love to start projects and never finish them. And I think that pretty much sums up who I am. A sarcastic, lazy, sexy human being.



Everything & anything French. Flora & fauna. Overalls. DIYer. Ravenclaw.

Oh god, my mind is going a mile an hour.

The following is a rambling of things I love and enjoy because I can’t just choose 5 (can you tell I’m an enneagram 9?):

French chateaus. Bread. Cats. The Great British Baking Show. British people. Gardening. English cottages. Cats. Pizza. The Harry Potter Series (but most importantly The Prisoner of Azkaban). Cooking. Flowers. High waisted jeans. Drinking coffee as the sun rises on a Saturday morning whilst reading. Photography. Interior design. French people. Creed Bratton. Cats. Taco Bell Potato Tacos (RIP). Candles. Morning light. Arches. The color of terra-cotta. Quilting. Anything Tudor. Beanies. Nate from The Office. Jean jackets. Learning anything new. Obscure facts. Napoleon Dynamite. Large sweaters. Motorcycles. Baths. The Office reruns. The Princess Bride. The untraditional. The nostalgic smell of lavender. Making the bed daily. Earl Grey tea. Daydreaming about living in a French chateau. Books. Cottages. Daydreaming.

shoot us a message! we’d love to get to know you, whether you’re in our home state of ohio or anywhere else.