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let’s address the elephant in the room guys: yes, this is a COVID-19 backyard wedding. does it matter? hecks to the no. w + k didn’t need no big wedding. they just needed a backyard, some chairs, close friends (not too close cause social distancing, duh) and family, pizza, and the 2 best photographers in the world (in our opinion).

the wild
hearts are.

capturing your weirdness in ohio, your backyard,
the grocery store, pretty much anywhere and beyond.

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get …

WARNING: photo sessions may contain excessive weirdness and artistic funkiness. Also pizza. And maybe some dance moves.

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These dudes wanted something different than the Ohio greenery norm. We were like, psh good luck on finding some sand dunes in Ohio, and guess what, she found some sand dunes in Ohio.


Three words that describe your favorite neighborhood wedding photographers.
Or a grumpy cat.


The lifeblood of our coolness.

You’ve found the Jim to your Pam, the scarecrow to your Mose, the ranch to your, well, everything. And now you’re here and probably thinking “what next?!”. That’s where we come in—your new, weird, kinda funky BFFs. We’re here to remind you to take it all in, be flies on the wall, all while freezing some of your best memories in time. 

The what, where and how aren’t what’s most significant here; it’s you and that person you kinda-sorta-maybe have a thing for and your love. Regardless of all those distractions like Great Aunt Agnes telling you about that missing tie crisis, or the 5th person asking you where those signs will go, our job is to shift your perspective towards what matters most on that pivotal, momentous day in your lives (oh, and reminding you to breathe and soak all up). We’ve gotchu.

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oh hey.

we’re mikayla + luke, two wannabe hippies who spend their time freezing moments and making you feel all the feels.

Dave Home 3

oh hey.

we’re mikayla + luke, two wannabe hippies who spend their time freezing moments and making you feel all the feels.

“Let the story move you—before you move the story.”
Those can’t-look-away, heart-strings pulling, silly, laughing, dancing, messy, raw and real love stories. That’s what we, alongside the man with a plan, Brandon, our cinematographer extraordinaire, are driven to capture, to deliver a one of a kind viewing experience unlike any other for you. 
Need more info on videography? Coo cool beans, beans, cool beans 

happy lil’ stories

“chase the light, whatever + wherever it may be for you; chase it.”
-tyler knott gregson

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