the deets

78th Street Studios hedge gallery is one of our top wedding venues. Being artists ourselves (design, photography), we love the feeling of being surrounded by amazing art. Whether it is photographs, paintings, installations, sculptures—we’re going to seek it all. This venue is for anyone who loves art, and wants an industrial feel to their wedding. This building has exposed bricks, concrete, metal, and rafters, if you’re looking for an industrial venue, this is it. If Mikayla and I were planning on getting remarried, (we’ll probs get divorced just to get remarried) we’d choose this industrial heaven. I mean, who doesn’t want to get married and be inspired by the talent of local artists?
You can bring in any catering you like which is a plus! We’d obvs recommend a food truck cause they’re awesome. Location wise, this is a great spot in Cleveland where you can drive 10-15 minutes to Downtown Cleveland, Cultural Gardens, Rockefeller Botanical Gardens, Edgewater, and the list goes on and on. The staff that work with and run the Hedge Gallery are for hire to set up, design, and rent from, etc. 1000/10 would recommend this space. If you’re interested in booking with 78th Street Studios Hedge Gallery, check them out!
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Industrial and creativity charged. Exposed brick, hardwood floors, moveable walls, and an endless art gallery, this is Every time we shoot at the Hedge Gallery it’s a completely new experience because the art is always changing. New artists are being featured and it’s really cool how the art interacts with the decor of the wedding. It isn’t just hanging art, there are multiple mediums being used that can play a part in the style of the day. 


Okay, you know we’re light chasers at heart, this place has a huge variety of lighting for any type of shot. You have natural light coming in from the line of windows at the ceremony spot. You can ask the managers to turn off the artificial lights during the ceremony and have all that natural light pour in. In the reception space (which was the ceremony space but was houdini’d into the reception space by the management team) can have hanging lights to intimately light the dance off area. Around 78th street studios, there is many different art galleries that have different sets of lights that any photographer can get creative with. All in all, this place is fantastic with lighting.
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unique deets

Because this is an art gallery, there is SO much unique details we can write about. One of my favorite details is located on the outside of the venue. There is HUGE wall art that can be used for photos or just looking with your eyes. Multiple walls filled with beautiful (sometimes weird) (but we like weird) murals that span the whole building. Outside in the dark, they have these super wonky street lights that look like they’re from a dystopian future. With permission, you could have access to many of the other art galleries in 78th Street Studios and located in one of the galleries is two pinball machines! They light up and imagine getting a photograph with all the lights off and just the lights flickering like a classic 80’s film. In that same gallery, they have pendant lights that can be used a spot light. Okay, lastly with that gallery, we turned off all the lights and stood next to the large windows to get the ambient light coming from the street and it created a really moody portrait. 

additional deets

Air Conditioning/heat
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1300 W 78th St, Cleveland, OH 44102